Published Credits

Published Books & Games:

Ninja Burger
The world's only fast food delivery service run by ninja. Not just a website any more.
Honorable Employee Handbook
    ISBN 978-0806527963, Kensington/Citadel
The RPG, 2nd Edition
    ISBN 978-0979319600, aethereal FORGE
The RPG, No Honor Edition
    ISBN 978-0979319617, aethereal FORGE
Ninja-To Go board game
    ISBN N/A, aethereal FORGE

What would happen if you crossed The Chronicles of Riddick with 300? This. Also Flash Gordon is involved somehow.
Hellas: Worlds of Sun & Stone RPG
    ISBN 978-0971623484, Khepera Publishing (with aethereal FORGE)
Hellas: Princes of the Universe
    ISBN 978-1907204838, Khepera Publishing (with aethereal FORGE)
Hellas: Wine Dark Void
    ISBN 978-0984250059, Khepera Publishing (with aethereal FORGE)
Hellas: Swords & Sandals
    ISBN 978-0984250066, Khepera Publishing (with aethereal FORGE)

Rules-light, story-heavy, modern conspiracy/horror RPG with heavily psychological and surreal components. Uses the PDQ2 game engine.
Vox RPG Review
    ISBN 978-0979319624, aethereal FORGE

Electronic Game Credits:

• Designer of a casual Flash game (unreleased). ( link )

Brain Chef
• Writer for a casual, humorous, turn-based, browser-based game involving a battle between zombies and humans. Recently ported to MySpace, and selected as one of that site's weekly Editor's Picks. ( link )

En Masse Entertainment
• Content specialist supporting TERA. ( link )

Ignited Artists
• Lead writer for several game projects (currently unreleased). ( link )

• Content writer for Aion: The Tower of Eternity and Aion 2.0: Assault on Balaurea. ( link )

• Writer and editor for Chronoblade (quests, items). ( link )

Perpetual Entertainment
• Writer and content designer for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, a AAA MMORPG set in ancient Rome. The game was put on indefinite hold on October 9, 2007 but eventually published by Heatwave Interactive. An article (albeit a badly formatted one, due to conversion to PDF) about one of the areas I wrote for and helped design can be found here: ( link )

• Lead writer and designer for Iconoclast, a Cyberpunk MUD/online RPG set in the year 2100. Consistently ranked best Sci-fi Role-playing MUD in major listings. MUD of the month, Jan '98 ( link ) Writing included descriptions/building of over 10,000 virtual rooms, drafting of a background and support material, and fiction ( link )

Turpitude Design
• Writer and designer (content, quests, systems) for several browser-based casual games, as well as three MMO projects for various clients (currently unreleased). ( link )

Underflow Studio
• Lead writer for The Away Team. ( link )

Game-Related Writing/Design Credits:

Atomic Sock Monkey Press
• Co-writer and editor for the PDQ2 and PDQLite rulesets, modified and condensed versions of the PDQ# system. ( link )

Dog Soul Publishing
• Writer of How Archaic Things Work. ( link )
• Writer of Folkloric: Baba Yaga, nominated in 2006 for ENnie Award for Best Writing, winner of ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book. ( link )

Dragon Magazine/Paizo Publishing
• Writer of various pieces, on an ongoing freelance basis, including a 4-page article on the new Dragonlance movie in the July 2007 issue. ( link )

Eden Studios
• Writer (~5000 words) of four pieces in Waysides: Book of Taverns (unreleased). ( link )

The Escapist
• Writer of Fifteen Minutes of Minecraft, an article with a self-explanatory title. ( link )
• Writer of Junktown Dog, an article about Fallout's Dogmeat. ( link )
• Writer of Lazer Swords and Thundersabers, an article about Star Wars' lightsabers. ( link )
• Writer of Rhapsody, an article about quest formulas in MMORPGs. ( link )

• Writer of numerous columns for Longest-running series is on Fantasy Films and their use in Role-Playing scenarios. ( link )
• As Gamegrene's co-editor, I worked with Morbus Iff to promote and maintain the website, which has been featured on Fark,, Slashdot and in Dragon Magazine (Spring 2005). ( link )

Khepera Publishing
• Co-designer, Co-publisher, Writer and Editor for Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone, a science-fiction RPG influenced by Greek history and mythology. ( link )
• Co-designer, Co-publisher, Writer and Editor for Hellas: Princes of the Universe, a follow-up release to the core Hellas book (late 2010release). ( link )
• Co-designer, Co-publisher, Writer and Editor for Hellas: Wine Dark Void, a follow-up release to the core Hellas book (late 2011 release). ( link )
• Writer (20,000+ words) and Editor for GODSEND Agenda 2nd Edition, alternate high-powered supers sourcebook for the d6 system. ( link )
• Writer (7,500 words) and Editor for GODSEND Agenda: Mythos, supplement for GODSEND Agenda. ( link )
• Editor for d6 Powers, supplement for GODSEND Agenda. ( link )

Minion Games/RPGNow
• Writer (5,000 words) of "Mall of the Titans", article on PDF Publishing and the RPG E-Tailing phenomenon. Originally appeared in d20 Weekly and is now featured as part of Minion Games' E-Publisher Guide. ( link )
• Writer (27,500+ words) for the ePublisher PDF Creator, a guide to PDF layout and design for RPG publishers. ( link )

9th Level Games
• Writer, Editor, Concept for Ninja Burger: The RPG, winner of the 2001 RPG.NET Award for the Most Ridiculous Meta-Plot. ( link )
• Editor, Concept for Iron Ninja, Burger Monkey, Teenage Mutant Ninja Burger and BURGERTECH, supplements for Ninja Burger: The RPG. ( link )

Politically Incorrect Games (formerly Spectre Press)
• Writer (50,000+ words) and Editor of, and Maps and Graphics for, Rune Stryders, a fantasy/steampunk sourcebook. ( link )
• Graphics for Rune Companion, supplement for Rune Stryders. ( link )

R. Talsorian Games
• Editor for Cyberpunk 203X, the long-awaited third edition of the Cyberpunk game. ( link )
• Writer of C-4, a 24-part series documenting the history of Cyberpunk films and fiction from 1981 to 2001. Early emphasis was on game material, but reader feedback caused a later shift to higher-level theory. ( link )

Silven Publishing
• Writer of Light on Rules, Big on Flavor, an article for the Silven Trumpeter covering the state of rules-light gaming ( link )

• Writer of Archetypology, a 12-part column exploring the historical and mythological roots of fantasy racial and class archetypes. ( link )
• Writer of Crunch, a 22-part comic strip exploring the lighter side of creating and publishing games. ( link )
• Writer of HELLAS: From Alpha to Omega, a 4-part column detailing the process of creating and publishing HELLAS. ( link )
• As's Lead Columns Editor from 2002-2005, I worked with columnists to get their columns developed, written, edited and posted. ( link )

Steve Jackson Games
• Concept for the Ninja Burger card game. ( link )
• Concept for the Sumo-Size Me!, the first supplement for the Ninja Burger card game. ( link )

Miscellaneous Articles:

First Person Observer
Lord Diablo Stalks Earth, Kills Thousands, Improves Economy
Starfleet Captain Boldly Goes Where He Has Repeatedly Gone Before

Writing About Archetypes
Lightsaber article on The Escapist
Rhapsody article (MMO Quest Formulas) on The Escapist (also see
Archetypology column on
Getting Personal column on
Five Man Band Trope on
PVN article on

Gamegrene Interviews
Cyberpunk 203X: A Chat With Mike Pondsmith
Exploring Elfwood With Thomas Abrahamsson & Eliza Leahy
d20 Questions with Eden Studios
d20 Questions with Maggie Vining
The ABC's of Game Design With Jeff Dee
d20 Questions With Avalanche Press
Interview With a 9th Level Kobold

Miscellaneous Miscellany
Hobotrashcan Article about the Day of the Ninja
Ninja Burger article on
Essay on

Published Reviews:

Extreme Magazine
Miscellaneous CD/concert reviews

All About Jazz
Halie Loren CD review

Online Rock
Asobi Seksu CD review
Behold CD review
The Blakes CD review
Blue Rabbit CD review
Breech CD review
Brightblack Morning Light CD review
Butterfly Explosion CD review
Chris Bruni CD review
Cracker CD Review
Dandy Warhols CD review
DiGiacomo CD review
El Perro del Mar CD review
Elder Statesmen CD review
Fluttr Effect CD review
Gifted Children CD review
Goblin Cock CD review
Greg Roth CD review
Halie Loren CD review
Heaven Shall Burn CD review
honeyhoney CD review
Howlin Rain CD review
Ida CD review
Inner Surge CD review
Kid Mud CD review
Kyle Tucker Band CD review
Langhorne Slim CD review
LEK CD review
Liars CD review
Loney, Dear CD review
Love & Rockets tribute album CD review
M83 CD review
Mercury Rev CD review
Michael Kelsey CD review
Mike Vasas and the Beasts of Burden CD review
Moby CD review
Nyles Lannon CD review
Olga CD review
Paul Epic CD review
Paula Maya CD review
A Place to Bury Strangers CD review
Raveonettes CD review
Repo: The Genetic Opera Soundtrack CD review
Silver Jews CD review
Silvermen CD review
Sixx: A.M. CD review
Skold Vs. KMFDM CD review
SSLYBY CD review
Stephen Malkmus CD review
Swampdawamp CD review
Winterpills CD review
Wye Oak CD review

30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of D&D. 2/10
Character Design for Mobile Devices. 6/10
Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids. 7/10
Dungeons & Desktops. 7/10
Game Creation and Careers. 4/10
Game Design: A Practical Approach 6/10
Game Writing. 9/10
The Indie Developer's Guide to Selling Games. 7/10
The Information Revolution. 5/10
Level Design For Games. 10/10
The Ninja Handbook. 9/10
Patterns in Game Design. 4/10
Planet Simpson. 7/10
The Pocket and the Pendant. 5/10
Professional Techniques for Video Game Writing. 10/10
Quests: Design, Theory, and History in Games and Narratives 8/10
Reading Comics. 7/10
Second Person 9/10
Vintage Games 8/10
Writing for Video Game Genres 10/10

Life With the Dice Bag DVD. (Style: 3 / Substance: 4)
Ninja Burger: The Role-Playing Game. (Style: 4 / Substance: 5)
The Dungeons & Dragons Experience DVD. (Style: 5 / Substance: 4)
The Gamers DVD. (Style: 5 / Substance: 5)
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising DVD. (Style: 5 / Substance: 5)
Uber Goober DVD. (Style: 4 / Substance: 4)

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (parody)
30 Years of Adventure: A "Celebration" of Dungeons & Dragons
The Gamers DVD
The Dungeons & Dragons Experience DVD
Life With the Dice Bag DVD
Uber Goober DVD
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... You!
Brotherhood of the Wolf Shows Its Fangs
One Film to Rule Them All - Lord of the Rings
The Onkyo GXW-5.1 Digital Theater Station
Harry Potter Casts a Magic Miss-le
Lions & Tigers & Rabbits, Oh My -The Forgotten Gamma World
Ride, Cowboy, Ride - The Forgotten Boot Hill
Dungeons and Dragons Movie Trailer Review
First Impressions, Third Edition

Other Self-Published Work:

As Myself
• Cyberpunk & the New Myth ( link )
My college senior thesis, exploring the general topic of Cyberpunk as it relates to Northrop Frye's mythic cycle. Ultimately concluded that the Cyberpunk protagonist represents not a mere anti-hero, but a return to the realm of the mythic. Gave me a chance to chat with some of the big names in the field, including Rudy Rucker, Pat Cadigan and Bruce Sterling.

As aethereal FORGE ( link )
• Decay ( link )
Presently a website fiction repository, planned as a Horror MUD/RPG set in an alternate 1945 where Vodun necromancers, their zombie minions and US soldiers battle. Writing includes a detailed alternate history/timeline with an emphasis on historical accuracy (with "What if?"s thrown in), fiction, a 1000 room MUD, and a port for the Arcanum PC game.

• The House ( link dead )
A "choose your own fate" style game wherein 1 to 3 players (or more!) take on the role of various actors to explore a haunted house. Developed for, and First Place Winner of,'s "Most Creative Mini Book" Contest.

• Karma Kards ( link )
BINGO-style sheets designed to inject an element of chaos and fun into game systems that use 2d6, 3d6, d20, d100 or FUDGE dice as their base mechanic.

• Power Grrrl ( link dead )
Teen superhero RPG documenting the Power Grrrl TV series, set in a near future where teens have super powers that they lose when they become adults. The twist - the TV series never actually existed. Hardly revolutionary in metaplot, it focuses on biting sarcasm and satire of the genre. Writing includes episode guides, a detailed fan FAQ, and material for the RPG.

• POW! ( link dead )
Rules-light, d6-based game engine designed for use with plug-in Worldbooks (including Decay, Power Grrrl, Iconoclast, etc.).